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What is impact and why does it matter to my company or fund?


impact fs thumbThe field of impact business and investing is still evolving, but we believe it has reached a critical juncture. We at Kirchner Group believe impact needs better support and more success stories to move from marginal to mainstream. From our 30+ years of experience, we believe that any company or investor can be a force for good and outperform their peers over time if they learn how to cultivate and consistently harness impact as a driver for competitive advantage and value creation. The key we believe is moving beyond intention to integrating and aligning impact with decision making and value creating activities. But this is easier said than done.

In 1985 our firm was founded with the belief that every business can be improved and every business should improve the world. Our unprecedented 30 year track record of “earning and returning” represents the backbone of what is today considered financial-first impact businesses and investing. As pioneers in impact, we have worked with hundreds of companies, investors and portfolio managers to realize impact and financial returns – enhancing value and values.

How Can Impact Have More Impact – Why is Impact Underperforming and How Do We Help? Kirchner Group’s proprietary 3:4 Impact Performance Model


We have recently synthesized our approach while building on our decades of experience in impact investing, advisory and asset management, into Kirchner Group’s proprietary 3:4 Impact Performance Model. Our model harmonizes business and investment advisory with resolute determination to align impact with financial returns to drive regenerative and scalable outcomes. This simple yet powerfully adaptive approach is designed to integrate seamlessly across all of Kirchner Group’s core services, ranging from corporate and fund advisory to mergers, acquisitions and asset management. The Model maps 3 “core characteristics” onto 4 “fundamental pillars” of impact, with a view to ensuring desired impacts reinforce the business case, and undesirable impacts are mitigated or eliminated.

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